Tips & Advice

Benefits of Clicker Training


Karma Dogs loves clicker training.  It has numerous benefits, it helps your dog learn quickly, and creates a strong bond between you and your dog.  So how does clicker training work?  The clicker is used to ‘mark’ the exact behaviour you want, and always means your dog gets a treat. And because there are no punishments when using a clicker, your dog does not have to worry about getting it wrong.  Using a clicker means we use fewer words and this can give your dog more freedom to think for itself. And if you struggle using a clicker then you can use a verbal ‘marker word’ instead, along with a tasty treat.  Interested to learn more? Give Karma Dogs a call and we can give you a clicker training session, you will be astonished at how quickly you and your dog will get results!

Tips to Make Dog Walking Fun


Do you do the same walk every day?  Does your dog wander off and rarely interacts with you during your walk?  Do you struggle with your recall on a walk?  Karma Dogs likes to make dog walks fun and an extension of the training.  Try to reward your dog with praise when they come and ‘check in’ with you; practise your recall throughout your walk and reward with a tasty treat or a game with their favourite toy.   Make sure you change direction on your walk and reward your dog when they return to your side.  Let your dog watch you whilst you hide their favourite toy somewhere on your walk, and practice your heel work as you walk away from the toy and then ask them to go ‘find it’.  So give Karma Dogs a call to discuss ways of making your dog walks more engaging & rewarding & fun! 

Getting Prepared for your Puppy


So you have carefully researched and chosen your puppy.  You have picked your new dog from a rescue centre.  Are you feeling excited but a little nervous?  Do you have a list of questions about what to expect when you bring your fluffy bundle home?  Karma Dogs have helped lots of new dog owners with helpful tips and guidance to help get their puppies & rehomed dogs successfully settled in and to start their foundation training. We can provide help on the equipment you will need (as well as the stuff you don’t need to waste your money on).  These first few weeks are an important time for puppies to learn and to get properly socialised and if missed are hard to recreate later in their life.  Call Karma Dogs for a wealth of helpful puppy advice & to discuss the Karma Dogs Homecoming Puppy Package.