A stimulated dog is a karma dog


Ally Gilbertson  – APDT (01363) & IMDT Full Member

Connecting with your dog

I want to help dog owners gain a better relationship with their dogs using kind, reward-based training techniques.  Every dog is different and I will work with you and your dog to give you the specific guidance you need. Whether you are considering getting a dog, or are just about to pick up your new puppy or a re-homed dog, or already own a dog with a specific issue, or just want to create a deeper connection with your dog, I am here to help.

My Services

Puppy Training

Get help choosing the right puppy for you and getting your puppy settled into your family. Use the Karma Dogs Homecoming Puppy Package. 

Dog Training

Training in the real world to help you build a stronger partnership with your dog using my personalised training sessions.

Home Visits

Helpful, common sense advice designed specifically for you and your dog. Seeing you with your dog at home enables us to build a bespoke programme for you & your dog. Detailed follow-up notes can also be provided. 

Gundog Training

Harness your dog’s working abilities. I can give you practical advice that can be used if you want to compete with your dog or just use these techniques in everyday life.